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You Know You Want To…

The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy was founded in 1986. At that time the school was one of only 3 recognized training facilities in the United States. Since that time hundreds of schools have sprung up only to fade away some time later. The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy has remained the pillar of training for over 30 years and during that time, trained some of the finest taxidermist/artists in the industry. NWIST doesn’t stay at the top by accident. Taxidermy is a continually changing art/science and training methods and materials must advance also. The unique thing about the Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy is that many of the State of the Art” materials used throughout the industry as well as advanced techniques and procedures are actually being developed at our school at all times. We are very fortunate to be associated with the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company which is at the forefront of product development and is able to supply students and graduates with the very finest taxidermy supplies the industry has to offer.

New for 2016…
Students attending the 2016 winter and spring classes will experience some enhancements from previous classes.
Tools: Each student will receive his/her own box of tools that they will be expected to use every day. This assembly of tools is a $400.00 value of quality hand tools which they will find essential to performing day to day procedures. These tools are included in the tuition price.

Some Tools From Toolbox

Advanced Techniques: New for 2016 will be a selection of advanced specialty lectures and hands-on workshops. These classes will be in addition to the regular curriculum and will dwell on procedures in the industry that require a more advanced instruction. An example: The appearance of an animals eyes is vital to the realism and lifelike look of the mount. While each student will set eyes on 2-4 mounts during the scheduled class time this is sometimes not enough in-depth practice. One of our advanced lectures will focus on eye attitudes, lashes, teat ducts, angles, eye rotation, nictitating membranes, caruncles and much much more, thus giving toise attending a broader knowledge of eye anatomy. Others will include in-depth molding and casting and advanced reproduction fish. Advanced classes will take place in addition to class hours.

There are many taxidermy schools out there, and when choosing the right school we hope you will consider enrolling to Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy. NWIST curriculum covers gameheads, fish, birds, mammals, habitats, molding and plastics, record keeping, business/marketing and much, much more!
Come learn taxidermy among the best, and prepare for a successful career in taxidermy! Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy is now accepting applications for Spring Class of 2016 and Winter and Spring Classes of 2017.


Winter 2017: January 3rd – March 3rd

Spring 2017: April 3rd – June 2nd

Spots are filling up quickly, so apply today!
Call us at 1-800-488-3256 to arrange a tour.