Welcome Spring Class of 2015!

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Welcome Spring Class of 2015!

The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy has begun the second week of the Spring 2015 Class. Students began last Monday with orientation which was followed with a caping demonstration on Tuesday. Since then, students have been taught customer relations as it pertains to game heads, taking field notes, proper caping of a game head and have spent days and hours meticulously detail fleshing each cape prior to tanning. They have begun tanning their capes which will ensure the longevity of the trophy. In addition to the involved tanning techniques, they have also been instructed in utilizing a commercial tannery for hide preservation. Now it’s on to life-size with an assortment of bobcats, coyotes, and raccoons as the selected species. For the life-size, careful measurements will be taken to assure the proper form selection. The life-size skins will be skinned, fleshed and tanned prior to mounting. While the mammals are tanning and forms being prepared, it will be fish taxidermy next. With the great spring weather and the ice off of all of the area lakes, students should have ample opportunity to hook into some great specimens.


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