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Celebrity Project

  • Early June found the taxidermists at the Matuska Taxidermy Studio hard at work on a celebrity project.

    Cisco, the original horse ridden by actor Kevin Costner in the movie “Dances With Wolves” succumbed to old age at the age of 33. As a fitting tribute to this noble creature, Cisco’s owners hired Marty Hansen from Hansen’s Taxidermy in Phillip, South Dakota, as the taxidermist to complete the mount. Marty wasted little time in enlisting the help of the Matuska Taxidermy Studio and the extra hands of Tom Matuska and Amber Gonnerman to help with this monumental task. The manikin underwent major alterations to both pose and size until the perfect attitude and fit was achieved. Cisco’s final journey will be to the original 1880 Town in South Dakota.