During the 9 week course, students will complete an array of wildlife displays while enrolled at Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy. The attractive displays the students create will make their way home with them to show customers the quality and creativity of their work. In a nine-week training program the average student can complete:

2 game heads (deer size)
1 life-size mammal (bobcat, raccoon or coyote size)
4-8 fish
2-3 birds (duck or pheasant size)
1 rug (raccoon or bobcat size)


In addition to the mounts completed, students will tan 2-3 furs, for taxidermy purposes, as well as build a number of natural dioramas for their mounts.




Individuals learn and work at varying speeds, so no promises can be made on the number of projects a student will complete. Due to the time constraints, students who choose to mount large mammals, game heads and birds may be required to reduce the number of projects in other categories. If another instructor is needed due to the size and complexity of the project, there will be an added expense.


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