Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy

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Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy

The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy is now in week 7 of the 2015 winter session. School began January 5th with trophy care, skinning and prepping the deer and elk capes they would be later mounting. A total of 7 students were guided through the tedious fleshing process and learned the meaning of “thin to win”. A few holes were accidentally incurred either with a knife or the fleshing machine, but how will they ever learn to repair damaged pelts without first making a hole. Once fleshed, it was on to the tanning process and then to mounting.

With the aid of meticulous instruction and encouragement, this class has successfully mounted some of the finest whitetail, mule deer and elk mounts any beginner could ever ask for.

Then it was on to fish… Students were instructed in making a pattern of the trophy, body carving, skinning and mounting the fish. With the aid of Tom, Amber and guest instructor Jimmy Lawrence, a extremely nice assortment of perch, bass, walleye, northern and trout were mounted and are presently drying. Once dry, the students have begun setting eyes, reinforcing fins and making repairs. Next week will feature extensive airbrush training and then we paint.

Last week was bird week and students were introduced to bird taxidermy methods. Most began with pheasants: skinning, fleshing and washing. On Monday we will begin assembling their birds and posing them. Many discovered just how fragile bird skin is compared to their mammals.