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Facebook Live: Mounting a Blue Wing Teal with Cory Caruthers

LIVE: Mounting a Blue Wing Teal with Cory Caruthers

WHEN: October 11, 2018 @ 4:30 PM CT

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Turkey Bodies by Cory Caruthers

Vikings Loving Family Finds Hope In The Minneapolis Miracle

To many, it was a game-winning touchdown, but to this Viking’s loving family who lost their husband andfather a week before – it was a “Hey, I’m Ok” from above.

Justin Stahly, a fun-loving family man, who was always smiling and loving life, passed away from a snowmobile accident a week before the amazing Vikings win. It was requested at Justins funeral that people wear purple and gold. The house was packed with purple that even the born and raised, Milwaukee Green Bay Packer Pastor put his green aside and pulled out his purple lent attire.

The Stahly family is an amazing loving family who have had everyones worst nightmare happen to them 2 weeks ago when they lost their father and husband. The Miracle in Minnesota wasnt just a miracle for Vikings fans, but a miracle for his wife Christine, Jake (8), Hayden (7) and all his friends and family that got left behind. He isnt able to come down and tell us he is okay, but instead did it on the big screen like a boss! #stahlyeffect

It would be amazing if we could get everyone to like and share this blog and get it to someone with connections to bring them to the Super Bowl LII or even to meet the Vikings and give them something to be excited about and smile at life again. Help us help them! Please share this blog post to social medias and use the hashtags: #stahlyeffect, @minnesotavikings, #minneapolismiracle, @stefondiggs, @mnsuperbowl2018! SKOL!



NWIST is VA Approved!

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Product Spotlight: Grooming Brush Kit

Product Spotlight: Tweezer Kit

Introducing… Early Season Mule Deer Forms!

Introducing our NEW Sage Brush Series Mule Deer,

Early Season Mule Deer!

These forms were specifically sculpted for Early Season Mule Deer.

This line is for Mule Deer harvested during archery and muzzleloader season (mid-August through early October).

They have thinner mid-necks and slightly narrower shoulders.

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Kutzall Rotary Bits!


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