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A Word from Tom Matuska

I started my taxidermy business out of my home in 1973, because of my love of nature and the art of taxidermy. It was my lifelong dream to be a taxidermist and perfect the finished product for my customers. In 1984, I founded the Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy, beginning with two students. Through this course, students have learned a broad spectrum of mounting techniques covering birds, fish, game heads, large and small life-size mammals and rugs. Students also learn about the business of taxidermy including pricing, record keeping, and successful marketing. I am proud of the nine-week training program where students are offered broad range of experiences. The school is connected to our studio and live pens, which allow our students to learn in various settings. The training is intense, but we allow our students to have firsthand experiences to become successful taxidermists. If you are considering taxidermy, take time to look at our site and the quality products produced through our studio. I have produced award winning products and have passed the knowledge to my students to continue the tradition of excellence in taxidermy. If you are in Spirit Lake, Iowa, stop by our studio and visit our family run business. – Tom Matuska

Western Regional Recap

Recently Tom and Vicki traveled to Gillette, Wyoming to represent the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company at the Western Regionals. This show hosted taxidermist from 9 states and some really impressive work. Exceptional large life-size and gameheads made up the majority of the over 200 entries in addition to some fine fish and bird entries. The highlight of our booth seemed to be the new “Sage Brush Series” mulie manikins as well as the “Great American Bear” forms. Vicki hosted the children’s seminar and several budding wildlife artists made some really fancy artificial wood duck head key chains. Although plenty of reference was available, most leaned to a more abstract version.
The winners of the Matuska Taxidermy “Golden Eagle Competitors’ Award” was Todd Kranau from Nebraska in the Masters Division and Ross Richards from Utah in the Professional Division. This award goes to the competitor with the highest combined score with 4 mounts. Congratulations to both of these fine taxidermists.
A special thank you to all who participated in the Western Regionals and the warm hospitality we received. We cant wait to come back!

Vicki instructing the children’s seminar.

Ross Richard’s lions and a zebra winning entry.

Todd Kranau with his spectacular winning warthog.

Matuska’s BIGGEST News!

New for 2015, our two new additions to the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company are Quinn McKenna born to Mandy and Brent Swart in December and Madden Thomas born to Marc and Emily Matuska in January. Tom says they are happy and healthy, squirmy and smelly. They are truly little gifts from God and it will be very fun to watch them grow. What more can a grandma and grandpa ask for?