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What’s New at Matuska?

  • Welcome Spring Class of 2015!

    The Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy has begun the second week of the Spring 2015 Class. Students began last Monday… Read More >

  • Product Development

    Product development is continuous at Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company and this week you’ll find our artists hard at work sculpting… Read More >

  • Base+Matic

    Many taxidermists become very proficient when it comes to mounting birds, fish, mammals etc. but struggle designing habitats and dioramas.… Read More >

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Order Supplies

Taxidermists throughout the country use the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company for their taxidermy needs. We proudly offer our customers quality products at an affordable, competitive price with personal attention and service. Our supply line includes many exclusive products found only at Matuska’s.

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Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy

Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy

Learn to become a professional taxidermist in just nine weeks at one of the best taxidermy schools in the country. Established in 1984, the Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy has trained students from around the world. With award-winning instructors, our taxidermy school provides you with a comprehensive, quality education in how to become a taxidermist.

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Visit the Studio

Visit the Studio

The Matuska Taxidermy Studio, located in the heart of the Midwest, is a small family-owned company. Established in 1976, award-winning taxidermists mount trophies in our studio from around the world. Each piece is artistically designed to create an individual, stunning masterpiece.

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